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To complete your school excursion experience, your group can stay at Kryal Castle’s own accommodation – The Barracks

Located within our Castle walls the Barracks offer Bunk style accommodation for up to 52 students and 4 teacher/adults.

If you have a few more in your group, on weekdays we can arrange accommodation for a further 47 students and 5 teachers/adults in our castle Suites, on site just next to the Barracks.

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Kryal Castle Excursion

In week 4, 27 Stage 5 History students travelled down to Ballarat, Victoria, for an immersive and hands on medieval experience at Kryal Castle. Students spent the week living at the castle, making and eating medieval food and experiencing medieval life. They learnt about social structure by roleplaying the royal court, about medicine by creating a poultice in a mortar and pestle, they tried on armour, worked leather, sewed fabric to make a bag, played medieval games and tried calligraphy. Some even found themselves in the pillory following a manorial court gone wrong. The evenings were lots of fun as well, with movies, medieval plays and a feast on the last day. Highlights included the Bird of Prey show where students were introduced to hunting birds, the Mounted Skill-at-Arms course where a knight showed them the intricacies of riding and fighting at the same time, the scavenger hunts that had the group scrambling over the castle, and of course, the Joust, where Sir Clifford and Sir Gregory went head to head at the lists, putting life and limb at risk for our education and entertainment. Our students were fitting representatives of our school, particularly in another state, and I congratulate them on their good behaviour and attitude.

Mr Hartman


The trip down to Ballarat was awesome. I made lots of new friends and had a great time hanging out with them. The activities were really fun and exciting, it was good to try something new.

Olivia Vaile


We had a blast of a week at Kryal Castle – we learnt a lot of new things and the food there was GREAT!!!! The joust was amazing and the horses were just gorgeous. The Birds of Prey was a wonderful show and it was fascinating how much intelligence these birds had within them. Kryal was the best trip and excursion I’ve ever been on.

Caroline Ho


Last week I had the opportunity to go on a 5-day school trip to Kryal Castle in Ballarat. There I had the chance to learn and experience what life was like in the Middle Ages including making medieval medicines (Apothecary), learning about torture methods as punishment, making our own bread and butter and much more. Some highlights included watching a medieval joust and smacking each other with foam swords while recreating the battle of Hastings. The hands-on approach allowed us all, including the teachers, to enjoy ourselves while we learnt all about Medieval Europe. I highly recommend the trip to anyone who gets the chance to go in the future.

Tim Sachdev


The educators, staff and vendors that we met around the castle were lovely to interact with. It was an enjoyable and informative experience that I would recommend for groups to build friendships

Leo Tomossy


The Kryal Castle excursion in Ballarat was an amazing experience. I loved all of the activities that we were involved in including heraldry, torture methods, bread and butter making, sword fighting (my personal favourite) and more

Sean Ede


Kryal was a very fun experience that I’d love to go back to. The activities were fun and engaging, something that I appreciate. I miss Kryal Castle and the awesome staff.

Ebony Sorensen