Classic Program 24th July – 12th Sept

Kryal Castle Classic Program

Open Every Weekend

July 24th to September 12th 2021 (Term 3)

Open 10am to 4pm

Due to restrictions, please pre-book tickets online. Tickets are available here


Ignite your imagination at Kryal Castle, there’s so much to do for the whole family! Catch pantomimes, street theatre, heroic displays of horsemanship and be enthralled by our Championship Joust.

Journey through the chambers of the Dragon Labyrinth; get lost in the maze; visit our wizard in his workshop; join in a potion-making workshop; learn the ancient art of archery; or test your skills of combat at Knights Training.

We have a great variety of merchants selling their unique wares all across the castle. Meet our Blacksmith making Art by the Fire, our Royal Photographer creating those perfect portraits, explore our Glow Cave in the Starlight Emporium, and so much more!

Why not extend your stay and book a family Stay and Play package at Kryal Castle to immerse yourself in all that Ballarat has to offer?

*   Program may be subject to change


Arena Shows & Theatre  

11:00am: Street Theatre-The Amazing Sam

A curious Pedlar has snuck his way into the castle, claiming to have powers unimaginable upon display, to any who dare to witness! Is he all that he claims to be?

11:30pm: The Mounted Skill at Arms

Head to the Tournament Arena to see the knights and warhorses of Kryal Castle compete in a challenge designed to test their skills with sword, lance, and spear.

12:00pm: Pantomime- The Bravest Brave That Ever Braved

Sir Grimshaw the brave and noble knight, has been sent upon a quest to save the beautiful Princess Caliope from the Evil witch Helga. But, there’s a problem, Grimshaw is the most cowardly knight in the realm. Help Grimshaw find heart to save the beautiful princess. Located in the Jester’s Theatre.

12:45pm Street Theatre- A Prince’s Rendezvous

Between the Knights and Wizard Tower a Prince shall be in finest form as he woos his fair lady. But things are going awry… it’s the kind of disaster you just can’t look away from.

1:15pm: Pantomime- The Gnome

Enjoy our pantomime “The Gnome”, based on the tale by the Brothers Grimm. In true Pantomime style cheer for the hero, boo for the villain and sigh for the beautiful prin… uh, all right looking pr… well… just sigh for the… princess. Located in the Jester’s Theatre.

2:00pm The Championship Joust 

Return to the Tournament Arena for the ultimate display of knightly skills. See our knights wearing full steel armour and riding their amazing warhorses, charge and strike their opponents with their lances. A sight not to be missed!


Additional Activities & Attractions

Knight School

Children are invited to learn the skills of knighthood, under instruction from our Master at Arms with sword and shield. Max 5 participants per session, running from 10:15am until 1:00pm daily (with a short interlude from 11:15am-12:00pm for the Mounted Skill at Arms performance) on the tournament arena

Archery * From $5

Learn the ancient art of archery in our indoor Archery Range! Try your hand with a real bow and arrow, who knows, Robin Hood may be recruiting soon!

Axe Throwing

Why not put yourself to the test… Taking place on the arena from 1:15pm until 3:45pm (with a short interlude during the Championship Joust at 2:00pm until 2:30pm) every day. Height restrictions apply. (Entry in front of the blacksmith- Map Ref 16, on the Tournament Arena Map Ref 12).

Potion Making Classes *  $5pp

Our Alchemist has a few concoctions that they need your help with! For only $5, join their class and learn how to create your own bubbling brews. Bookings essential! Purchase tickets from our Wizard. Session times are 11am and 2:45pm.

 Wizard Displays

Visit our Sorcerer in their wizard tower, conjuring potions and causing an explosion or two! Displays running throughout the day at 10:30am, 12:30pm, 1:00pm. Please note: Due to restrictions each session is limited to 15 spectators.

Please note all of our outdoor activities and shows are subject to weather conditions.

Torture Dungeon & Museum

When it comes to history, the horrible bits are sometimes the most interesting! Explore the fascinating Torture Museum exhibition before you encounter the Dungeon of doom attractions deep within the Castle. Are you brave enough to enter? Recommended for 13 yrs +

Dragon’s Labyrinth

Make your way from the castle entrance, through the labyrinth where you will find the home of our most magical creatures. Tree Sprites, dragons and fairies await you! (Map Ref. 2) Children under 10 may prefer a stroll through the She-Dragons egg garden

*Royal Photographer

Have our Royal Photographer capture you and your loved ones at their finest! Additional Cost applies. 

Tooth fairy Lolly shop

Indulge your sweet tooth with a wide range of sweets and chocolates or enjoy an ice cream

The Treasury

Princess dresses, Princess Tiaras, Queen Crowns, Templar Coins, Souvenir Coins, Metal DND Dice, Dragon watches, discover your family’s heraldry and much, much more!

Village Shop

Browse a wide range of medieval clothing, arms & armour, and souvenirs.


Meet our resident Smithy with a range of hand-made unique products.

Village Traders

Local artist Robbie J’s wide range of fantastical glowing products

Starlight Emporium

Crystals and creative magical items and Glow Cave!

The Maze

Built on the myths and legends of the realm, our stone maze is a sentimental favourite for many visitors to Kryal and the most puzzling attraction of all. Take up the challenge… will you return?




Ale House

Open 8am-4pm Saturdays (for breakfast)

And 10am-4pm Sundays

Local made Pies and daily specials available, as well as breakfast on the go for those staying with us Friday night. Overlooking the arena!

Abbey Tavern


Open 8:00am-10:30am

Serving a delicious selection of warm breakfast options for those lucky enough to be staying within the castle walls Saturday night.

Please note:  Program may be subject to change.