Spring Program

Daily Program from the 19th of September 2020


Please check our Facebook page for the latest information on opening hour and times

Please note our current days of operatrion are as follows

Saturday 19th – Monday 21st September

Friday 25th – Monday 28th September. 

Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th of October

Every weekend from the 10th of October in Term 4.


Please note:  Program may be subject to change as COVID-19 restrictions ease additional activites will return


Arena Shows & Theatre  

11:00am The Amazing Sam!

A curious peddler has snuck his way into the castle, claiming to have powers unimaginable on display, to any who dare to witness! Is he all that he claims to be? Head to the arena and find out for yourself! (Map Ref. 12)

11:30pm: Mounted Skill at Arms

Head to the Tournament Arena to see the knights and warhorses of Kryal Castle compete in a challenge designed to test their skills with sword, lance and spear.

12:30pm A Prince’s Rendezvous

Join us as our brave and handsome hero Romeo woos his beautiful beloved… Rapunzel? That doesn’t sound right… a catastrophe you just can’t bare to watch, but can’t turn away from either! (Map Ref between 27 & 28)

1:30pm The Amazing Sam’s Magical Love Tonic

The famous peddler The Amazing Sam and his assistant have snuck past every guard, BACK into the castle walls, over the boundaries to the arena and into your hearts to prove to you that he is no charlatan! His magical Love Potion really, really definitely works, and that is 100% definitely a fact*! (Map Ref 12)

*This write up was funded by the Amazing Sam. Facts may not be fact.

2:00pm: The Royal Joust 

Return to the Tournament Arena for the ultimate display of knightly skills. See our knights, wearing full steel armour and riding their amazing warhorses, charge and strike their opponents with their lances. A sight not to be missed!

Please note all of our outdoor activities and shows are subject to weather conditions


Additional Activities  

Knight School

Children are invited to learn the skills of knighthood, under instruction from our Master at Arms with sword and shield. Max 5 participants per session, running from 10:15am until 11:30am, and 2:30pm until 3:45pm daily on the tournament arena (Map Ref 12).  This activity location is subject to weather conditions, please listen for announcements in the case of wet weather.

 Outdoor Archery

Learn the ancient art of archery on our Archery Range set up on the arena! Try your hand with a real bow and arrow, who knows, Robin Hood may be recruiting soon! Located on the arena by the stables (Map Ref 12)

Axe Throwing

Why not put yourself to the test… Taking place on the arena outside the stables (Map Ref 12) from 12pm until 1:45pm every day. Height restrictions apply.

 Please note all of our outdoor activities and shows are subject to weather conditions


Additional Attractions

Dragon’s Labyrinth

Make your way from the castle entrance, through the labyrinth where you’ll find the home of Kryal’s most magical creatures. Tree Sprites, dragons and fairies await you! (Map Ref. 2) Children under 10 may prefer a stroll through the She-Dragons egg garden

*Royal Photographer

Have our Royal Photographer capture you and your loved ones at their finest! Additional Cost applies. (Map Ref. 2)

Tooth fairy Lolly shop

Indulge your sweet tooth with a wide range of sweets and chocolates or cool down with an ice cream (Map Ref 23)

Forest and the Fae

Explore the forest and the Fae with a huge range of crystals, herbs and so much more (Map ref 18)

Village Shop

Browse a wide range of medieval clothing, arms & armour and souvenirs   (Map Ref 15)


Meet our resident Smithy with a range of hand-made unique products (Map Ref 16)

The Maze

Explore and get lost in our Maze (Map Ref 29)



Ale House 

Enjoy our Croissants, Pies, Hot dogs, Salad rolls, Toasty and Bake n Grind Donuts and daily specials! Have a cool drink and watch the activities on the arena! Open 9am-4pm (Map Ref. 14)

Please note:  Program is subject to change