Explore the castle

Kryal Castle is an indoor/outdoor venue so at different times of the day, areas of the Castle are exposed to direct sunlight as well as cold weather conditions. Visitors are required to take appropriate care of their hydration and protection at these times.

Water, drink bottles, umbrellas, rain ponchos, sunscreen and hats are available for purchase from our retail stores.

Castle Grounds Map
  • Exit the castle
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Designated smoking area
  1. Entrance
  2. Dragon's Labyrinth
  3. Dragon Egg Garden
  4. Toilet/Baby Change
  5. Ancient Cemetary
  6. Sword In The Stone
  7. Dungeons & Torture Museum
  8. Animal Nursery
  9. Arena Grandstand
  10. Castle Arena
  11. Stables
  12. Village Kitchen And Alehouse
  13. Village Traders And Swordsmith
  14. Jester's Theare
  15. Archery Range
  16. Fairies & Goblins Wonderland
  17. Kings Britches
  18. Tintagle Education/Party Room
  19. Tooth Fairy Shop
  20. History of Kryal
  21. Breavehearts Playground
  22. Chapel & Herb Garden
  23. Knights Round Tower
  24. Oggle Watch Tower, Wizard's Workroom and Enchanted Tree
  25. Maze
  26. Abbey Tavern
  27. Mountain Inn Bakery
  28. Rotunda
  29. Suites Entrance
  30. Castle Suites Reception
  31. Toilet/Baby Change
  32. Castle Cabaret/Function Area
  33. Castle Suites
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