Current Program

Once Upon a Time… Fairy Tales are alive at Kryal Castle until Christmas. 
Your kid’s favourite fairy tale characters are causing quite a stir at Kryal Castle … Catch a little pig or three, and the big bad wolf, or Mary had a little lamb as they sing, dance and make your family laugh in pantomimes and street art.


Opening Hours

Please check our Facebook page for the latest information on opening hour and times

Normal opening times are Every Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm

Open Victorian School Holidays & Public Holidays (Closed Australia Day and Christmas Day)



11:00am  |  Baddies Anonymous- Skit

All are welcome to join your fellow villains at this week’s Baddies Anonymous meeting, led by Jiminy Cricket at the Round Table. This week’s guest speakers include Captain Hook, Delilah the witch, and our newest member… LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD? (Map Ref 27)

11.30am  |  Mounted Skill at Arms

Head to the Tournament Arena to see the knights and warhorses of Kryal Castle compete in a challenge designed to test their skills with sword, lance and spear. (Map Ref. 12)

12:00pm  |  Jack and the Beanstalk- Pantomime

Poor Jack and his Ma have been caught down wind of a terrible plague, where the air has been tainted by a foul stench that could only have been caused by that nasty- albeit gassy- giant in the clouds. A well-known classic adapted by Kryal Castle’s very own performers, you’ll be guaranteed a giggle or three! (Map Ref 17)

1:00pm  |  The Untold Story of Rapunzel’s Tower- Skit

Rapunzel just can’t catch a break. The evil witch has locked her up in the tower, and she wants out! But the Prince isn’t exactly a tactical hero. Sure, he’s handsome! Sure, he’s romantic! … Let’s just say he doesn’t cope well under pressure… come watch this twisted tale unfold in front of the statue of David, between the two towers. (Between Map Ref 27 & 28)

1:30pm  |  The Gnome- Pantomime

Enjoy our pantomime “The Gnome”, based on the tale by the Brothers Grimm. In true Pantomime style cheer for the hero, boo for the villain and sigh for the beautiful prin… uh, the all right looking pr… well… just sigh for the… princess. Located in the Jester’s Theatre. (Map Ref. 17)

2:00pm | Royal Joust

Return to the Tournament Arena for the ultimate display of knightly skills. See our knights, wearing full steel armour and riding their amazing warhorses, charge and strike their opponents with their lances. A sight not to be missed! (Map Ref. 12)


Additional Activities

Knight School

Children are invited to take centre stage and learn the skills of knighthood, fighting under instruction from our knights with sword and shield. Running from 10:30am until 11:15am, and 2:30pm until 3:30pm daily! (Map Ref. 12)

Pony Rides

Perhaps your little warrior would like to try their hand at a Skill at Arms on our mini ponies? Tickets $10 Or maybe they’d rather be chauffeured on a tiny chariot! Tickets $5. Running from 10:30am-11:15am,12:30pm-1:45pm and 3:00pm-4:00pm.(Map Ref 12)

Archery Range

Learn the ancient art of archery at our indoor Archery Range. 5 arrows for only $5, or 15 arrows for just $10! (Map Ref. 19)

Potion Making Wizardry School

Create fantastical potions with our Wizard, just below their workshop (Map Ref.28) For only $5 per child! There are two classes, 12:00pm and 2:30pm each running for 30 minutes. Tickets are limited, and can be purchased from our Wizard either after a Wizard Workshop, or 15 minutes before Classes start.

Wizards Workshop

Find the Wizard in their workroom and see them experiment with unusual magical ingredients to produce their famous potions. 11:15am and 1:00pm Located on the  second floor of the Wizard’s Tower. (Map Ref.28) Please be aware: due to the nature of the tower, space is limited and viewing can be restricted.

Torture Museum (ages 13+)

Learn about the gruesome histories of crime and punishment in our torture museum. 12:45pm and 2:30pm (Map Ref. 8)

Face Painting

Ever wanted to be a princess? Or even a dragon! Our skilled painters can transform you into just about anything. Only $5. From 11:00am-3:30pm. Located in Fairies and Goblins (Map Ref.20)


Learn to write with quill and ink. Why not pen a letter to a friend, family member, or even one of our heroes? 11:00am-3:30pm in Fairies and Goblins. (Map Ref. 20)

Archery Siege

For just $5, defend your Castle and shoot it out with other players in this exciting game of combat archery. Takes place on the Arena outside the stables from 12:00pm until 1:45pm. (Map Ref. 12)

Dragon’s Labyrinth

Make your way from the castle entrance, through the labyrinth learn the history of the castle from the ancient manuscripts on the walls and the ghosts of those who never escaped. (Map Ref. 2) Children under 10 may prefer a stroll through the She-Dragons egg garden.




Ale House (Map Ref. 14)

Wood Fire Pizza, Local made Pies, Gourmet BBQ Sausages and daily specials available. Enjoy a cool drink and watch the activities on the arena! Open 10-4pm

Breakfast in the Mt. Inn (Map Ref. 32)

Enjoy a warm breaky or even just a cuppa in Our Mountain Inn Eatery! Open for breakfast, from 8:30am-11am

Please note:  Activities are subject to change as some days we do need to move times around or where things are on.