Education Program

Welcome to Kryal Castle, where we shed light on the ‘dark ages’ with our immersive education program.

Education Program – Primary & Secondary.

Step into a world of myth, magic and adventure, a world of dragons, fair maidens, medieval battles and magic encounters. Where the unexpected happens, where the odd and bizarre becomes the everyday; where surprises and wonder accompany every step you take!

Our Year 3-8 programs have been specifically mapped against Victorian Curriculum F-10 enabling each to be seamlessly incorporated into the classroom curriculum.

A visit to Kryal is perfect inspiration for a wealth of skills development including English, Literature, Math, Science, Civics and Citizenship, Technology and Design, Arts and History.
The Education Discovery Programs explore the intriguing world of medieval madness through hands-on action led by noble knights, ladies in waiting and humble peasants. We place particular emphasis on delving into medieval history, customs, battle strategies and weapons.

Price: $16.50 per student.

Teachers and supervisors and are permitted free entry on a ratio of: 1 – 10 for primary students or 1 – 15 for secondary students

Group Sizes: The minimum group size is 30, however, we will endeavour to accommodate all schools. One facilitator is provided per 30 students.

Optional Extras:

Birds of Prey program: $6 per student (minimum 50 students required)

Mounted Skill at Arms: $6 per student

Joust: $6 per student (minimum 150 students required)

Lunch: a lunch order form will be provided for each student should your group wish to pre-order lunch for the day. Please note, that our cafeteria is not normally open mid-week and food will not be available unless pre-ordered.

Our lolly shop, which also sells merchandise can also be open for the students to enjoy upon request. Extra time will need to be allotted for this.

What to expect

All Kryal Castle Education Discovery Programs include a tour with a costumed facilitator. The castle is substantial in size, so small groups of students accompanied by an adult is the best way to experience the adventure.


You may encounter hot, cold, wet or dry weather – and in the Victorian countryside this might occur all in one day! Our activities run regardless of weather – just as medieval life continued despite the rain, heat or snow. Activities run in and outdoors.


Students should wear sensible walking shoes as there is considerable walking involved. Certain areas of Kryal Castle require specific care when being explored by school groups.

Students with special needs

Please let the Booking Officer know of any special requirements – especially if wheelchair access is required, or students are hearing/sight impaired. We can adapt programs to suit all needs.

Program Schedule

Each module runs for 30 minutes. If your estimated arrival is 10.30 am and estimated departure is 2.30pm then we have four hours to work with.

Subtract 15 minutes for arrival, 15 minutes for departure and 30 minutes for lunch, we are left with three hours for modules.

In this time we can offer six modules for the day.

We recommend a balance of three Medieval Life modules and three Medieval Warfare modules. Our Education team will guide you through the process of selecting your modules and work out a schedule to best suit your needs.

(Please be aware that the birds of prey program is 45 minutes so other modules may have to be changed to accommodate these bookings).

Book your Education program now by calling 03 5334 8500 or emailing Elise at